DUL District Diagnostic Station new sponsor of the club

We are extremely pleased to announce that DUL District Diagnostic Station becomes the new sponsor of our club. Thank you for your trust and welcome to the blue and white family!


DUL is a modern complex in Mielec at 11 Padykuły Street, where it offers:

Inspections of all categories of vehicles

Car wash with card payment at the stations

Electric car charger DELTA 150 kW

Pre-purchase inspection

Electric car service

DUL Okręgowa Stacja Diagnostyczna

An ultrafast charging station that supports the fast charging standards of all European, Asian and North American electric vehicle manufacturers, including current and future generations of electric vehicles requiring charging power in excess of 50 kW. The station allows simultaneous charging of up to four vehicles. Two charging points allow fast direct current (DC) charging with up to 150 kW of power. The other two charging points allow alternating current (AC) charging with a power of up to 65 kW. The ultrafast charging station supports a wide range of access and payment means and is very simple to use
and highly intuitive.

DUL Okręgowa Stacja Diagnostyczna

Those interested in purchasing a car can take advantage of the Diagnostic Package at the DUL District Diagnostic Station, which includes:

Checking the condition of the vehicle’s chassis, suspension and structural components

Powertrain verification

Verification of the braking system

Verification of the exhaust system

Suspension check

Verification of structural components

Check of suspension geometry

Paint thickness check

Computer diagnostics

DUL Okręgowa Stacja Diagnostyczna

DUL is also the place to get your electric car repaired. They have extensive experience in the repair and operation of electric cars. They offer repair services for electric and hybrid cars, including: regeneration of drive units, regeneration of electric and hybrid car batteries, diagnostics and start-up of vehicles after collisions and checking the efficiency of the drive train.

In order to increase customer comfort, all car inspection appointments can also be made via the website, choosing the most optimal date for you.

11 Padykuły St,
39-300 Mielec
+48 17 780 71 42


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