Michał Trąbka ahead of the match against Zagłębie Lubin [wywiad]

Before Monday’s match against Zagłębie Lubin as part of the 8th PKO BP Ekstraklasa Railway, we spoke to PGE FKS Stali Mielec player Michał Trąbka.

For 9 games our team has been unbeaten in matches at the Solski 1 stadium. For you is this result an additional motivation or do you feel a little pressure because of it?

I think everyone is aware of how long we have been unbeaten at our own stadium. We train hard every day so that after Monday’s game against Zagłębie Lubin we can continue to call our stadium the S1 Fortress. We always go out on the turf to win the match, and ‘screwing up’ this result is an extra motivation for us.

Ahead of us is Monday’s match against Zagłębie Lubin. How do you assess the team of our nearest rival for league points in the PKO BP Ekstraklasa?

Zagłębie Lubin is a team that has the potential to fight for a high place in the table at the end of the season, as their current results show. In Monday’s meeting we have to be concentrated from the first to the last. Zagłębie Lubin’s matches against Ruch Chorzów or Śląsk Wrocław showed that they are able to turn the match in their favour despite an initially unfavourable result. However, we also know our worth and we will do everything to enjoy the victory with our fans after the final whistle.

Do you agree with the statement that the match against Zagłębie Lubin will be the beginning of this “match marathon”, because after Monday’s game we will have three matches in a short period of time?

Yes it is true that there is an intense period ahead of our team in the games. The match against Zagłębie, then we face a trip to Poznań, Opole and another home match against Korona Kielce. The team and the staff are working every day to be optimally prepared for these matches. Although we play these matches with short intervals, the goal is one: 9 league points and promotion to the next round of the Fortuna Polish Cup.

You have already played 4 matches at Solskiego 1 in the white-blue colours of PGE FKS Stali Mielec. How would you rate the atmosphere at the stadium in Mielec?

Matches at our stadium are always special, thanks to the support of the white and blue fans. It is said that the fans are the twelfth player on the pitch and this is true. The supporters’ cheering in the more difficult moments of the match helps us to fight through the crisis and keep fighting for victory. The fact that we have been unbeaten in home matches for the past nine games is not only a credit to the team and the coaching staff, but also to our fans. Coming out of the tunnel onto the pitch and throughout the match we hear their fantastic cheering. The fans give us support and extra motivation, and we want to give them the joy and pride of being a PGE FKS Stali Mielec fan.

You will have the opportunity to meet many of the fans even before Monday’s match, because on Friday, Bert and I will be hosting you at the FKS Stal Mielec Shop at 1 Solskiego Street.

I’m really looking forward to meeting our fans and talking to them. After the match we try to give a few autographs and take photos together, but then we are not sure if any of the fans have accidentally missed us. Friday’s meeting will be the perfect time for anyone willing to have this opportunity. I enjoy talking to people, so I’m looking forward to seeing the blue and white supporters.

You mentioned talking to people, and our conversation on the ‘Coffee on Solski’ programme is coming soon. Are you ready for questions from me and those sent in by fans?

That will become clear when you read the questions (laughs). I will try my best to answer all the questions asked. I think it will be a fun conversation that our fans will enjoy watching.