NC METAL remains a sponsor of our club

We are very pleased to announce that NC METAL remains among our sponsors, expanding its sponsorship package. In the 2024/2025 season, the NC METAL company logo will be on the shorts of the PGE FKS Stal Mielec team and on the shirts of our reserve team. Thank you for your trust!

NC METAL has been in the business of purchasing recyclable materials since 2015. Since the beginning it has been actively developing to meet the needs of the market, successively expanding its offer. They work with the largest buyers of scrap metal in Poland, guaranteeing the highest level and competitive prices!

They have specialist equipment for classifying, processing and loading scrap metal. They have all the permits required for storage and transport of waste. The company’s hallmarks are honesty in the classification, weighing, valuation of goods and timely payment. The object of NC METAL’s business is trading in scrap non-ferrous metals and black and alloy steels.

NC METAL purchases and sells scrap:
copper and copper alloys: brass,
bronze aluminium and aluminium alloys zinc and zinc alloys,
lead-zinc and lead-zinc alloys,
tin and tin alloys titanium carbide chromium steels and stainless steels SW,
SK steels and cast irons

MIELEC: 4 B Jadernych St
tel. 604 126 562