PGE FKS Stal Mielec – Stal Rzeszów [1:1]

on 24 March at 11:00 a.m. on the Rado Resort pitch in Wola Chorzelowska, the PGE FKS Stal Mielec team played a control match against the Stall Rzeszów team. It was the first meeting under the leadership of coach Kamil Kieres.

The PGE FKS Stal Mielec coach decided that the match would start with: Mrozek, Hiszpański, Kruk, Matras, Flis, Getinger, Wlazło, Domański, Hinokio, Mak and Lebedyński.

The coach of Stal Rzeszów- Daniel Mysliwiec has selected the following starting eleven: Pęksa, Głowacki, Pajnowski, Góra, Polowiec, Poczobut, Danielewicz, Prokić, Olejarka, Mustafaev and Kłos.

In the first minutes, our players gained the advantage and already in the 3rd minute of the meeting, after a transfer from a throw-in, Marcin Flis hit the rivals’ goal. A few minutes later, Piotr Wlazło shot at the goal of Stal Rzeszów, again, however, off target. Around the 20th minute, Daniel Mysliwiec’s charges had a chance to score a goal when, after a cross from the left side, the striker struck past the goal. The next situation also belonged to Stal from Rzeszów – a shot by Prokic, after which Bartosz Mrozek was forced to intervene. The last noteworthy situation was a shot from a free kick by Stal Rzeszów just before the end of the first part of the game.

Before the start of the second half of the match, the coach of PGE FKS Stali Mielec decided to make changes in our team, the following players left the pitch: Mrozek, Getinger, Wlazło, Hinokio, Kruk, Flis and Lebedyńsk, and their places were taken by: Kochalski, Ciepiela, Vallejo, Żyra, Kasperkiewicz, Wolski and Leandro. The second half was very similar to the first 45 minutes of the match, with both teams fighting for the ball mainly in the centre of the pitch. A good situation was created by Stal Rzeszów, but Mateusz Kochalski showed off a very good intervention. In the 65th minute of the match, coach Kamil Kiereś made one more change in our team and Konrad Guca appeared on the pitch in place of Maciej Domański. A lot of liveliness in our colours was brought by Bartłomiej Ciepiela, who won duels with defenders of the Rzeszów team, and in an interesting way distributed balls to his colleagues. He also came to one of the most dangerous situations in the match, but after a pass from Konrad Guca, he struck off target. In the 74th minute, an action by Bartłomiej Ciepiela was stopped with his hand by a defender of Stal Rzeszów, which resulted in a penalty kick for our players. Alex Vallejo stepped up to take the penalty and after a very sure strike into the right corner of the goal, we took a 1:0 lead. Unfortunately, just a few minutes later, after a beautiful shot by a player of Stal Rzeszów – Krzysztof Danielewicz from outside the penalty area, the score was tied again, 1:1. Two minutes later, the arbiter ended the meeting.

Yellow Cards: Marcin Flis, Piotr Wlazło

Goals: Alex Vallejo (75 mins), Krzysztof Danielewicz (85 mins)