Dobrowolscy company remains sponsor of our club

We are very pleased to announce that the DOBROWOLSCY company remains among our sponsors. Thank you for your trust! The sponsorship agreement will be valid until the end of the 2024/2025 season.

The Dobrowolscy company has been bringing generations together with taste for over 30 years.

In 1990, Stanisław Dobrowolski and his son Adam set up a meat factory. In the following years, they were joined by their other sons and now the company from Wadowice Górne employs more than 600 people and combines technology with care to make Wadowice cold meats the best products for our families.

An in-depth analysis of the meat market and prevailing trends, by combining tradition with changing consumer tastes, are the key to the company’s success.

Working with local breeders and caring for the environment go hand in hand, which has always been part of the company’s mission. It is also worth noting that the Dobrowolskis have always preferred Polish meat sourced from traditional breeding.

Dobrowolscy products have been repeatedly awarded in prestigious competitions and programmes. Distinctions have been awarded to the products of the Dobrowolscy Brothers line, based on their love of traditional charcuterie and excellent, natural ingredients.

The quality of the products signed with the Dobrowolscy name makes us once again proud to recommend the products to your family.

The Dobrowolscy company cares about the relationship with each and every customer, their satisfaction and trust, and the only way to gain it is by caring about the high quality of the products. The story of cured meats and top-shelf meat products starts with meat from a proven abattoir, leads through friendly, modern and at the same time health-friendly technologies, and ends at the customers’ table.

The Dobrowolskis make sure that the products are exactly what we would serve to our own family, hence the care for the environment, the use of only proven quality meat and the constant development that allows us to maintain close and family-like relations with our customers.

We look forward to working with you!